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The Daughters of the Alliance

For Honor and Glory

The Daughters of the Alliance - Europe
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Welcome to the Daughters of the Alliance - EU

About us
Daughters of the Alliance is an european all-girls World of Warcaft guild inspired by Daughters of the Alliance US wow_dota and the community wow_ladies.
This does not necessarily mean that all characters are female, but that all people playing those characters are girls in real life.

This guild is about having fun in healthy and friendly surroundings. We are just starting up so we are not aiming to be an full PVP/ Instance guild as of yet, we just are here to have fun. We offer a friendly group of people who like to help each other and have fun a good time.
Anyone can join, casual gamers, alts, or hardcore gamers. We are welcome to everyone!

Server: Nagrand - EU, CET (Paris) INACTIVE
Type of Server: PvE
Chat channel: wowladies
Guild Mistress: -
Officers: -
Guild Banker: -

To join DotA_EU:
- You must be female in real life. Sorry guys, no boys allowed.
- You must have a LiveJournal account or be brought to our attention on recommendation of one of our current players (who are longer than a month in the guild).
- Please contact one of the Officers or the Guildmaster for an invite
- Or leave a comment here to ask for an invite
- Or /join wowladies, introduce yourself, and if someone is on who can invite, we will do so

When posting for an invite please tell us this:
Time you will be online: