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Warlock in need of guild invite


I finally have transferred my lovely warlock Katykaboom from Arygos to Nagrand. *woot*
Could one of you send me a guild invite when I am on Tuesday evening?
Hi !

Here is 1 new wow ladie interested to play with other irl females :) i logged and created a human mage to the server nagrand. Joined wow ladies, but did not get any answer.
Is there someone i can contact in game?

A bit about me.

Started to play wow for about 2 years ago. First on my boyfriends account and then later bought a own account. So now a proud owner of dwarf priest and gnome warlock.  Playing the warlock as my main atm.  ! year of hc raiding was enough for me so now only playing for fun and when i have time.
 Irl I work as a gardener. Live in Finland. I´m 24 years old.

New Dota Bank!

Hi ladies!

I won't be online very often in the near future. Please do not send your items to Dotabank anymore! I will be online from time to time so I can check if anybody has send something.

paeroka created a character who is now the official bank character.
Please send your items to Bankderdota now!!!

Thank you for your attention :)
And thanks to paeroka for her help :)


Razorfen Kraul

Hello ladies!

I want my Berylline Pads. So, I need to go to Kraul. My boyfriend who's now reached level 41 will be my tank. But I need a healer! ;) Which at this time means: Atropa, would you want to come to Kraul with us? Pleeeease! *g*

I don't know what level you have to be to enter that instance. But as the druid is 41 and I'm 36 (and we've done it before - on another server - with 3 people being level 32), I assume it's going to be easy. So, whoever else wants to come, is welcome to join us! :)

Edit: If anybody wants to go to the Stockades this afternoon, I'd be here to help (though I might be a bit too high... ;) But well, I can help, of course, and wouldn't mind!).


Anyone up for a Stockade run this week? I suggest tuesday, wednesday or friday afternoon. I'm in as healer, with my priest, anyone else up for it, and what day is best for you?

New Druid

I'm new here and I would like to introduce myself. First of all I want to say sorry about my English.
My character Aerilyn (Druid) is very happy to join your guild. At the moment she is at lvl 12.

My Mainchar ist a female gnome warlock called Celestine at the German realm Madmortem.
I know lyxzen and paeroka from the german wow lj community.

My RL Name ist Denise. I'm a 30 year old girl and I live in the most beautiful town in Germany called Hamburg *g*

I hope that we'll meet in game and that we have a lot of fun and of course that you understand my really bad English and bad grammar ;)

away for a while

well my account prepaid thingy just ended which is quite good, at least for the moment. I have lot of thing going on right now and a break from WoW is welcomed so I can focus on the stuff I need to do hehe ;D

Thought I should tell you all, but I will be back soon
and not to bore you with just text in this post..

artCollapse )

see you around


What about going to an instance again? It's been awhile since DotA has done something together. My hunter is 25. I don't care to which instance we would go.
Interested? Maybe Stockades?
Or other ideas?



Hey everybody :)

DotA has its own tabard now. Feel free to buy it.

A very big thank you to everyone who gave a donation! :)

Guild Tabard

I'm going to close the vote for the poll now. The results are:

Colour combination:

Gold on light-red: 7
Gold on green: 5
White on dark grey: 5
White on light-red: 4
Gold on dark-red: 4
Gold on dark grey: 4
Turquoise on white: 3
Gold on green: 3
White on light-grey: 3
White on white: 2
Gold on white: 2
White on blue: 1


Butterfly: 5
Some plant-thingy: 4
Some others that I can't describe with words: 3
Tree: 2
One other: 1
The others: 0

9 guild members voted!

Now, here's where I'll make it a bit more complicated. ^_^

Here's another poll where your options are simply "yes" and "no". If more people vote "no" for the guild tabard than "yes", I'll make another poll where the top three colour combinations and the top two icons will be up for the vote again. And the winner of that poll will be our tabard then. Hmm... now that I've written it, it sounds kind of silly. But eh, maybe we'll all love the butterfly on red-gold anyway. ;)

The tabard would look like this:

Simple question: Yes or no?