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Invite Request

Hi! I found this guild via wow_ladies and I've always wanted to level an alliance character to 80 but never had people to keep me company to do so :(

I'm a Gnome Warrior, lvl 10 (yay!) called Zegga, I'll be online most of the day for an invite :)

Oh never mind, just found out the guild is inactive :(

Saying goodbye

The one or the other of you may have noticed that I have deleted two of my guild characters due to massive lack-of-time-because-of-work. I haven't played them in ages, also, so you can also say I was taking actions against my severe altitis.

Today, my last character says goodbye from Nagrand and the guild, because my main focus has very much shifted from 'just PVE' to roleplaying a lot which is why I want to move my little lock to the server where I spent the most time - which is Die Aldor.


I have enjoyed the time in the guild very much, even if I wasn't the most active member ever. For that I want to thank you all.

Post from your bank char

Alara, Atropa and Lyndyra: Look at your post box (not before 12:11, though ^^). I just sent you items that you might like.


Dinged 40 today, with Atropa. I'm a bit excited, since this is the first dwarf I've gotten to lvl 40, and I really like the ram mount.


Last weekend, I went to help a friend get his epic pally mount (a friend of my boyfriend who transferred his pally to Nagrand when he heard that we play there quite often now. If you see "Seregius" in game, feel free to wave at him. :) ).

That meant: Dire Maul (where we learned why it's a good idea to first kill all the trees in that area: http://alamia.de/Oslo/wowicons/trees.jpg), Scholo (I never liked this instance that much but it gave me my level 59) and Stratholme the next day. With only a few quests in between (to get the key) and a short time in the instance, I managed to level up once again: http://alamia.de/Oslo/wowicons/ghaminading60.jpg

Unfortunately, I was still lacking quite a lot of gold but my boyfriend could borrow me what I still needed and as I hit exalted with Stormwind with level 59, I celebrated by getting a horse: http://alamia.de/Oslo/wowicons/ghaminaepicmount.jpg

Ghamina's my second level 60. So, it's still quite exciting. ^^ Now on to level 70! ;)


I just had a serious wtf-moment and ended up on somebody's ignore-list.

What did I do then?

Well, I rode to the Stormwind's mailbox in front of the bank, on my elekk. And then I tapped out because my mum had a phone conversation with my grandma and I had to listen in (we're having some issues and problems and it's always best if we're two and not just one to hear what she says. Anyway).

So, when I tapped back into the game, I was logged off. Of course, because I'd been afk. But: I had new mail. The screenshot is below the cut.

ScreenshotCollapse )

Now, I would understand that if the characters were solid. But no, you can walk right through them. And no, I was not standing right in front of the mailbox. I was where I am on the screenshot. There's a lot of ways to get to the mailbox.

I played a lot on Horde side before and yes, it is annoying if a zillion taurens are standing right around the mailbox so you couldn't target them with the mouse anymore. But this? Sorry, I don't see what I did wrong here.

So, I sent a reply message which was more or less: "Ever heard of afk? Besides, you can walk right through me and click on the mailbox." - Then I wanted to add the player to my "ignore list" but it doesn't work. It says "player not found". The armory however lists him as a level 70. So, the only assumption left is that apparently, my being afk on my mount annoyed him so much that I'm now in his ignore list... or he transferred servers in between and the armory hasn't been updated yet. ;)

People are strange.

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Aug. 16th, 2007

I was online with Lyndyra a few minutes ago and when logging out I saw someone whispering to me and I saw the name "Ghamina" in that message. But I didn't read the name who wrote to me. So I logged in again but no one wrote. I am sorry. I just saw it a few seconds too late.
So if you read this, please leave a comment or /join wowladies ingame or something... Thanks.
Nighty night. I'm going to bed now. :)

Membership request


I've just made a dranei mage called Daela (only level 6) and was wondering who I should poke for joining dota?


I know this is short notice, but does anyone want to come along to RFK tuesday or wednesday this week? Lvl is about 27+, I can heal with my priest (lvl34) and we need a tank and some randoms.

Jul. 28th, 2007

I was bored, so I tried to make a DotA collage. I don't have much experience with stuff like that, so it's not that great. ;) Still, I wanted to show it to you ladies. :)

Behind the cut, of courseCollapse )

Those were the only members I had screenshots with.